Friday, September 9, 2011

Time for a serious update...

Wow. Really, I haven't written a thing in 6 months and the only reason I got on here was to look at my talented friend, Monica's creations on her blog. I envy her creativity. I decided to look at my blog and looks like it's been 6 months and Baker was still bald in our main picture. Shame on me, I'm really upset because I started this blog to keep up with my pregnancy and Baker as he grew, thinking it was a great way for my family to keep up-to-date and for me to remember it all. Turns out, I haven't written anything at all and I can't remember when he got his last teeth, his latest words, things he was doing. They are all forgotten on dates. SHAME ON ME.

At 18 months, I've got a little boy that thinks he's superman. He is not scared of much and doesn't learn lessons from something that hurts him.

He is saying so much these days. Can't possibly begin to list it all, but these are his main words. -daddy, momma, bite, ball, bat (because he loves baseball), dog, boozer, Poppa, CiCi, YaYa, Nanny (his great-grandma), Uh-Oh, NO, okay, milk, Hi, bye-bye, pretty, E-I-E-I-O, outside, I love you, shoe, sock, Thank you, one two three, A-B-C-E-F-G (in that order), fish, truck, Choo-Choo, apple...

His favorite things these days are TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS. Each time we see one in a book or on the road or on television he screams CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO!! He even throws in the little up and down arm motion for the horn. He loves baseball and to hit is ball with the bat, he thinks he's really good and will do it all day and if you quit watching he gets mad. He loves TRUCKS. As he should, his dad is a truck driver of sorts and runs a trucking business :) Of course, Nate is proud. Each time we see a truck and this is A LOT, he will say in the sweetest little voice, twuuuuuck. Melts my heart.

These days he throws a fit quite often and I have been told by numerous people that he is already in his terrible two's. WHAT? No way. This basically comes from my family because he will literally throw these huge fits when he doesn't get his way! LIke especailly in walmart because he already knows where the toy isle is! You can't miss it either. They do that on purpose. They ought to have all of that fun stuff locked up in it's own room with a sign that reads "Enter at your own risk"

I get told NO about 50 times a day.

He got into the habit of hitting me and I knocked that out real quick. NOT even putting up with that.

He's still going to mothers day out twice a week from 9-3 at the church. He LOVES it. I am told there that he's the boss of the class. I was told that in his nursery class too. Wow. I asked them if that was a good thing or if he was being bad, and they said of course it was a good thing they love him to pieces. Makes me feel better. Especially after the day that I walked in and he was picking a girl up by her shirt and kicking her off of her riding toy....I was not impressed and I was not happy. Not sure how to get that through to him that he's not the only person in this world. Pretty sure this is the same girl that bit him when he kissed her, so I suppose he is sending mixed signals and he derserved it. Boys will be boys. I'm not too worried because I know Baker is the sweetest little boy I know and he melts my heart on a day to day basis, even when he's being a little toot in between. He is just the light of my life! Love that boy so much.

We are teaching him to brush his teeth and he climbed up on our bed one night and turned his toothbrush on, yes it's a vibrating one, and so I let him just sit there and chew on it when all of the sudden he just spit in the bed. I guess he does understand, just need to make him understand that goes in the sink!

Lately he has been getting into the habit of climbing into our bed in the evening and wathcing Blue's Clues and making himself quite comfortable. He has never been interested in our room or bed until recently. It's like now that he can get up there it's his. He throws a HUGE fit when I put him in his bed. He's still in a crib, he will be caged as long as I possibly can keep him in there.

Anything I do, he has to help. He likes to sweep and mop and wipe down the table. I can't wait until he's really good at it.

He plays really well by himself, he always has, he can entertain himself and play well with others. I like this, it's always good to have some independence.

I've missed so much time that there are so many stories and things we have done that I missed writing about and now are just memories...I want to be better at this!!!


Monica Curry said...

You are too funny...and that boy of yours is a MESS. A really really cute, sweet mess! I should write a book for you of things to watch out for, because our first borns are one in the same! TOOTS! ha! Keep updating. Make it a priority. You'll love looking back at the funny stories that will escape your memory. I love reading about Baker adventures!!

Kenley King said...

Ohhh I need a book! It's crazy how much alike they are! Write me one :) Or I will just keep looking at your blog because I'm obsessed with it!