Friday, September 9, 2011

Time for a serious update...

Wow. Really, I haven't written a thing in 6 months and the only reason I got on here was to look at my talented friend, Monica's creations on her blog. I envy her creativity. I decided to look at my blog and looks like it's been 6 months and Baker was still bald in our main picture. Shame on me, I'm really upset because I started this blog to keep up with my pregnancy and Baker as he grew, thinking it was a great way for my family to keep up-to-date and for me to remember it all. Turns out, I haven't written anything at all and I can't remember when he got his last teeth, his latest words, things he was doing. They are all forgotten on dates. SHAME ON ME.

At 18 months, I've got a little boy that thinks he's superman. He is not scared of much and doesn't learn lessons from something that hurts him.

He is saying so much these days. Can't possibly begin to list it all, but these are his main words. -daddy, momma, bite, ball, bat (because he loves baseball), dog, boozer, Poppa, CiCi, YaYa, Nanny (his great-grandma), Uh-Oh, NO, okay, milk, Hi, bye-bye, pretty, E-I-E-I-O, outside, I love you, shoe, sock, Thank you, one two three, A-B-C-E-F-G (in that order), fish, truck, Choo-Choo, apple...

His favorite things these days are TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS. Each time we see one in a book or on the road or on television he screams CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO!! He even throws in the little up and down arm motion for the horn. He loves baseball and to hit is ball with the bat, he thinks he's really good and will do it all day and if you quit watching he gets mad. He loves TRUCKS. As he should, his dad is a truck driver of sorts and runs a trucking business :) Of course, Nate is proud. Each time we see a truck and this is A LOT, he will say in the sweetest little voice, twuuuuuck. Melts my heart.

These days he throws a fit quite often and I have been told by numerous people that he is already in his terrible two's. WHAT? No way. This basically comes from my family because he will literally throw these huge fits when he doesn't get his way! LIke especailly in walmart because he already knows where the toy isle is! You can't miss it either. They do that on purpose. They ought to have all of that fun stuff locked up in it's own room with a sign that reads "Enter at your own risk"

I get told NO about 50 times a day.

He got into the habit of hitting me and I knocked that out real quick. NOT even putting up with that.

He's still going to mothers day out twice a week from 9-3 at the church. He LOVES it. I am told there that he's the boss of the class. I was told that in his nursery class too. Wow. I asked them if that was a good thing or if he was being bad, and they said of course it was a good thing they love him to pieces. Makes me feel better. Especially after the day that I walked in and he was picking a girl up by her shirt and kicking her off of her riding toy....I was not impressed and I was not happy. Not sure how to get that through to him that he's not the only person in this world. Pretty sure this is the same girl that bit him when he kissed her, so I suppose he is sending mixed signals and he derserved it. Boys will be boys. I'm not too worried because I know Baker is the sweetest little boy I know and he melts my heart on a day to day basis, even when he's being a little toot in between. He is just the light of my life! Love that boy so much.

We are teaching him to brush his teeth and he climbed up on our bed one night and turned his toothbrush on, yes it's a vibrating one, and so I let him just sit there and chew on it when all of the sudden he just spit in the bed. I guess he does understand, just need to make him understand that goes in the sink!

Lately he has been getting into the habit of climbing into our bed in the evening and wathcing Blue's Clues and making himself quite comfortable. He has never been interested in our room or bed until recently. It's like now that he can get up there it's his. He throws a HUGE fit when I put him in his bed. He's still in a crib, he will be caged as long as I possibly can keep him in there.

Anything I do, he has to help. He likes to sweep and mop and wipe down the table. I can't wait until he's really good at it.

He plays really well by himself, he always has, he can entertain himself and play well with others. I like this, it's always good to have some independence.

I've missed so much time that there are so many stories and things we have done that I missed writing about and now are just memories...I want to be better at this!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Little King Turns ONE!!!


A year has come and gone since Baker was born and my did it go by in a blink. I mean at this point it's perfectly reasonable to start on baby #2....for SOME people. Ha! Not this girl. Tricked ya. Not even going there yet. Not even ready yet! But when Baker is two, I might consider it, and if I do, that means only one more year and I know it will go by faster than the last. Time really does go by quicker the older you get. Here today gone tomorrow.

Can I just say without the help of many people, I would have been in a frenzy. I was actually really calm and the day was PERFECT.

Baker's actual birthday was Saturday, February 19, but on Friday, my dear sweet cousin Meagan flew into town that morning and we were in a mad dash from the start to get a ton of stuff done. Last minute cupcake order, decorations, food ideas, etc. My mother-in-law kept Baker all day so that really helped us go full force with no issues, and with Baker, there are always issues, haha! I say it in the sweetest way possible, but he is BUSY and he is very high strung. This world is his and we are all just living in it. Anyway, we stayed up so late cleaning, decorating, blowing up balloons (thanks Meagan) and just getting it all done. Meagan probably blew up a million balloons and Nate thought they would look good outside so he put them out in the backyard and within seconds they had all popped. HAHA. All that work down the drain. I still need to go pick them all up before Boozer gets sick, because I'm sure he's been eating the pieces of them.

Saturday arrives and we go to Walmart first thing! Me, Baker and Meagan. Bright and early looking for some good coffee from McDonald's in there and well...we just didn't get it. It was awful. Baker had been acting up that morning and I was really scared he wasn't going to act nice for his party. I FINALLY get him to take a nap at 11 and he slept until 1:30 and his party started at 2. It could not have worked out ANY better than that. He was well rested and did such a great job. He had so much fun and seriously did not fuss at all. Okay well except for when I gave him his smash cake. He loved all of his toys (a million of them) and had a blast digging them all out. Even today, a week later he's still finding new stuff he hasn't seen yet. Super blessed. Anyway, we bring his cake out and sing happy birthday and this totally freaks him out. I give him his cake and he is sort of touching it but not really knowing what to do. Nate and I both agreed that he would DIG right in and just have a hay-day. We were so wrong. That's what we get for thinking. You would have thought someone had shot him. He screamed bloody murder and then started crying. Would not have anything to do with his cake. Which by the way, let me tell you it took me like 3 days to find someone who could make a lion "king" cake for him to dig into. 3 days people. Mom had to pick it up from Lubbock and she said it's head bobbled the entire way. SCARY! Anyway, it was okay though and it was cute. I got a good picture of it and it's a memory. :)

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who made his first birthday party so special. We had about 35 people show up and it was so special to Nate, myself and Baker. Life is busy and hectic and you came anyway and just really blessed our day so thank you!

Here are a few pictures of the special day, I know Baker won't remember it, but hopefully the pictures will remind him one day that he is so loved and God has blessed hiim so much in his little life. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Baker and to see God work in him and just lead him to a path of total happiness!

We love you, Baker!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pictures, Video, Update...

Okay so I was finally able to get Baker walking. He usually sees the phone recording and will do nothing but just want the phone. He is so funny! He's really getting good! I can't believe he starting doing all this mess in his 9th month, I really thought I would be good until he was 11 or 12 months :) He still likes to crawl though, if he needs somewhere really fast, he will crawl. He knows he's good at that one! So here is the video. Don't mind Nate and I talking in the background. He is 10 months to the day in this actual video.

-Besides walking around, he is saying Momma (as he should) and sometimes I think he says UhOh and Owwww. Haha. I don't think he knows what they mean but he randomly says them.
-Pointing at everything
-Clapping (you can say clap your hands and he will)
-Touchdown!! You say this and he puts his hands up in the air...only when he feels like it of course.
-Waving bye bye
-Throwing the biggest fits I have ever seen! I don't like one bit, I thought about spanking his bottom one day, but I didn't. He tested me to my very wits end!
-I see the very tip of his 7th tooth coming through. He is about to cut his 7th and 8th tooth and this has been ROUGH! Enough said!

Baker is into EVERYTHING! I turn my back for 30 seconds and he's into something. For instance, I went to the restroom last week and he got into Vicks Vapor rub and opened the lid and tasted it and got it all over his hands...I FREAKED out and called poison control and they said he should be fine since he didn't get that much of a taste. Any more than a tablespoon and we would have been in the ER. Very next day, I go to the restroom and I have the door open and this event takes 20 seconds, he has gotten into the shower and taken a bite of soap. OMG! Guess I will have to start taking him with me and holding him, which I have had to do before because sometimes he can't stand for me to not hold him. Mommyhood is so interesting but FUN!

I will throw in a few pictures of our Anniversary trip to Aspen. Nate and I went for our FOUR year anniversary and had a great time! I loved it there just as much as I thought I would. It's beautiful and wonderful and small and I LOVE IT!!! Can't beleive Nate and I have been together for 7 years total. I never thought I was capable of doing this. Those who know me well know I could never put up with a guy for more than a week because they always did something to drive me nuts, and Nate drives me nuts ALL the time but he's so worth it! I love him so much! Often I go back to the first time we met and think of the first few months together and I remember just exactly why I fell in love with him. He's the same old Nate. A fun jokester kind of guy, giving, caring, understanding, and still cute even if he is worried about losing his hair :) Love you Nate Dogg.

I can't wait for Baker to have his first Christmas, I let him open this present up to see how he would fair unwrapping all the presents and he did JUST fine. Ripped it all to shreds! I look forward to all God has blessed me with, not presents because I couldn't care less about that, but my family and friends. I am so blessed and being with my family is enough.

My Grandma (dads mom) had a heart scare two days ago and was rushed to the hospital in Lubbock. They are waiting on test results for today, but she is just fine otherwise and seems to be her Thyroid levels off. Needs new medicine. I am so thankful she is going to be okay. She is the glue that holds our family together and we all love her so much! She is such a jokester all the time and dad said she said "Welllll, guess I can make it through Christmas anyway" :) Silly woman.

We have been staying plenty busy lately! Lot's going on during the Holiday season and I really do love this time of year. Christmas is my favorite time of the year but it seems like the last two years I haven't been able to take the time to soak it all in. I think people get too caught up in shopping and stressing and they forget to just sit back and take it in and to be thankful and just remember what the season is about! JESUS! I am trying to forget the fact I have no presents wrapped and I am still not done shopping. OH WELL I am just going to do what I can. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Houston, we have a walker...

Okay so he's not walking all around the house BUT he's taking up to like 7 steps now! He's got it down but after about 7 steps he will look down at his feet and I think it scares him so he will sit down. Seriously, I can't believe we are at this point! He just started his 3rd week of his 9th month today. I have a video, I need to figure out how to upload it, it won't play on here. I know nothing about computers so I'll have to work on it. Yay for Baker! Pictures and more to post when I get home to my personal computer!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A follow up with pictures...

This is going to be random! Just the latest pictures and really, the professional ones, by Lezlie Andrew here in Amarillo were for his 6 month pictures! So two months has gone by since then!

Here we have Baker enclosed. Yes it was necessary, I couldn't even get ready for anything or do laundry without him getting into something. So he LOVES this little play yard as they call it and that Nate proclaimed we MUST have. He loves crawling all around it and walking himself around it holding on. He also has quite a few toys to keep him occupied!

Baker's 6 month pictures by Lezlie Andrew....

Happy Fall Ya'll....

Had to throw this off and post a picture from New York. Not sure what was wrong with me, but I only got like three pictures. So unlike me! However, this was at the top of Rockefeller Center and it was pretty amazing!! I went with Savannah and we had a great time! We probably seriously walked about 20 miles over the weekend and you think I'm kidding. We did it all! Fun times!! I have STILL got to get there to see the Christmas Tree, it's like once I see that I will be complete. I mean come on, we all know Home Alone is my favorite movie and I was so jealous the second movie that he got "stuck" in New York! LUCKY kid!

Baker got on a magazine that's all over the Panhandle, called Kidz Digest, he won cutest baby in the month of October! Go Baker go!!

5 months too late...

Well...I talked to Savannah this morning and she mentioned she was going to post some exciting news that she had just told me about on her blog. It got me to thinking perhaps I should start this up again...It's been 5 months since my last blog update and seriously I haven't had the time. When I do have free time I am cleaning the house. Real free. :)

Obviously a lot has gone on since my last post. Baker man is 8 months old. That's right. 8 months old! Where does the time go? It's like just yesterday he was just being born and I remember it like it was yesterday. He has grown up so much and he is just really such a joy! Each month gets better and even more fun than the last. I have to say this stage is so much fun! What babies learn is so interesting and they learn fast! It's like overnight they can do something new and it makes you wonder how they did that!

Baker is up to all sorts of stuff these days.
-He is on the move and has been since his 6th month. Crawling ALL over the place and pulling up on every last thing and yanking stuff down and really being a mess! :) Of course we had to baby-proof stuff and that's a whole different issue, I put the plugs in the outlets and I can't even get them out! Anyway, he's on the move and he's quick. In the blink of an eye he is clear across the room and into something new.
-He is standing up holding onto stuff and will walk himself along holding on to whatever it is, like the couch. He will stand for a few seconds on his own, but I ususally don't let him explore that option too much because I don't want him walking yet! Not that he would, but crawling is a big milestone that I want him to experience for a while. He can start walking later! Plus, I'm not ready for all that jazz! :)
-He understands the word no. You can say no and he will pull back from what he's trying to get and stop. I am positive this won't last long and soon I'll be saying no while he laughs at me.
-He is starting to give kisses. You can say give me kiss and he will open his mouth and lean forward to you! MELTS MY HEART!
-He is saying "DaDa" "BaBa" and every now and then a "MaMa" will slip out! Not often, he is really fond of dada and baba.
-He has the best laugh ever! It's a big deep belly laugh and he is really intense with it! I have to be honest and say I am his favorite person to laugh with.
-I also have to be honest and say I am his favorite person. When I walk into the room he lights up and just goes nuts!!!
-He recognizes theme songs like from Baby Einstein and Yo Gabba Gabba (awful torture show) and when they are on tv he will stop what he is doing to look up and see. Let's not forget the Mickey Mouse show. LOVES that one! I may be awful to let him look up and watch the tv, but hey. He likes the colors and I don't see anything wrong with it, especially since they are learning shows.
-He has several tricks. He will spit, make an indian sound, make an errrrrrreba sound. Make a horse like sound. CRACKS me up. He is seriously the funniest little baby, I can sit and watch him and just laugh! We always crack up together.
-He's got 6 teeth at the moment. 4 on top and 2 on the bottom but you can see where the other two are about to pop through which will make it a an even 8. I think when little babies start getting their teeth it's precious!
-He is getting better about being in the car, but not much. Last weekend we went to Lubbock because it was moms birthday and we stopped by Monica's baby shower to give her a present and he cried the entire way to Lubbock just about. We pulled into Plainview and he cried from there to Monica's moms house. 45 minutes too much I'll say that much. Then I opened the door and he laughed. Like seriously, nothing wrong with him. He plays me for a fool and he wins every single time.
-Goes to bed at about 7:30 at night and sleeps the entire night until about 7 the next morning. MOMMY LOVES this! However, naps are for wusses in his world and he doesn't need one. I only pretend he's ready for a nap and he refuses to take one...He will just play in his crib and laugh and talk and bounce around in it. Yep, no naps for him!

I am at work so I don't have pictures to post, but I will post some pictures when I get home MAYBE....He had some really cute ones from his 6 month photo shoot and some I took for the fall with some pumpkins. We are having a great time with Baker and I just thank God every single day that he is mine. He is just too precious for me to even put into words.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three months...

Well a little over three months has gone by since Baker man blessed us with his presence into this world. I don't have enough time in my day to keep up with this blog. I am constantly either cleaing, working, tending to Baker, feeding Baker, sleeping when he does, or working some more. He usually goes to sleep around 10 and I literally go to sleep as he does. I miss my sleep more than anything and I miss being able to take a nap when I want to. Usually if I do try and take a nap with him he will only sleep 20 minutes. Oh well! Baker is growing up so fast and is seriously the light of my life. His smile is just the most heart-warming thing ever! His laugh is priceless! When he squeals I have to squeal with him because it's impossible not to! He is so much fun! He is going to have quite the personality I can already tell. I can also tell he is going to be very strong-willed. He is definitely his dads little boy. I am in for it if he acts like Nate did I am told. :-0 Boys boys boys. I know I haven't even gotten a dose of it yet either. I just know when that kid wants something or doesn't want something he is very vocal about it and I think when he cries the neighbors can hear. Sometime I think I will ask. Talk about something that eirks me. Crying. I have never liked the sound of crying and it was my biggest thing about becoming a parent. Crying and whining. It's part of what babies and kids do, they can't help it. I have gotten better but it's taken me every bit of three months to try and get used to it. It's HARD!

Stork Vision is moving right along and business is good. Amy and I are busy! If it's not one thing it's another. We are still trying to get our name out there to people! We are shooting our commercial next week so that should help us a lot!

Nate is staying busy at work as well. Summer is a busy time for the trucking business so let the fun begin!

Next week we leave for MEXICO for Tish and Cory's wedding! I cannot wait! I will miss my Baker boy so very much though. I am mentally preparing myself for five days away from him. In another country at that! Nate and I do need a good ole break though and Mexico will be fantastic! Sun and sleep! Along with some fun ;)

Here are a few pictures from Bakers three month photo shoot! Amberlee Altman, my cousin, took them last week! He had been feeling a little cruddy, runny nose and cough, but he did great! Such a little stud muffin! I love my little man! is the link to Amberlee's website and she has a facebook page as well. She brought my other cousin along with her, Lindsey and we all had a great day! It was nice to have them over and to visit with them! Can't wait until the next photo op! Thanks Amberlee and Linds!