Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three months...

Well a little over three months has gone by since Baker man blessed us with his presence into this world. I don't have enough time in my day to keep up with this blog. I am constantly either cleaing, working, tending to Baker, feeding Baker, sleeping when he does, or working some more. He usually goes to sleep around 10 and I literally go to sleep as he does. I miss my sleep more than anything and I miss being able to take a nap when I want to. Usually if I do try and take a nap with him he will only sleep 20 minutes. Oh well! Baker is growing up so fast and is seriously the light of my life. His smile is just the most heart-warming thing ever! His laugh is priceless! When he squeals I have to squeal with him because it's impossible not to! He is so much fun! He is going to have quite the personality I can already tell. I can also tell he is going to be very strong-willed. He is definitely his dads little boy. I am in for it if he acts like Nate did I am told. :-0 Boys boys boys. I know I haven't even gotten a dose of it yet either. I just know when that kid wants something or doesn't want something he is very vocal about it and I think when he cries the neighbors can hear. Sometime I think I will ask. Talk about something that eirks me. Crying. I have never liked the sound of crying and it was my biggest thing about becoming a parent. Crying and whining. It's part of what babies and kids do, they can't help it. I have gotten better but it's taken me every bit of three months to try and get used to it. It's HARD!

Stork Vision is moving right along and business is good. Amy and I are busy! If it's not one thing it's another. We are still trying to get our name out there to people! We are shooting our commercial next week so that should help us a lot!

Nate is staying busy at work as well. Summer is a busy time for the trucking business so let the fun begin!

Next week we leave for MEXICO for Tish and Cory's wedding! I cannot wait! I will miss my Baker boy so very much though. I am mentally preparing myself for five days away from him. In another country at that! Nate and I do need a good ole break though and Mexico will be fantastic! Sun and sleep! Along with some fun ;)

Here are a few pictures from Bakers three month photo shoot! Amberlee Altman, my cousin, took them last week! He had been feeling a little cruddy, runny nose and cough, but he did great! Such a little stud muffin! I love my little man! klickitphotography.com is the link to Amberlee's website and she has a facebook page as well. She brought my other cousin along with her, Lindsey and we all had a great day! It was nice to have them over and to visit with them! Can't wait until the next photo op! Thanks Amberlee and Linds!

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Tyson, Kayla and Rylan said...

Kenley, that boy is a cutie!